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Different methods of hair extensions

Different methods of hair extensions

Keratin loops

Keratin loops are the most popular method today to extend their hair. A few years ago, the hair was attached with glue, which damaged the hair. Recently the method has been improved aby using keratin to blend hair. Since your own hair is made of 90% keratin, this is more healthy and less harmful to your hair.

Keratin loops, also called nail loops attached by means of a heat sink near the scalp. The extension is set so that it can move naturally with your own hair. These extensions last for 3-6 months or more, and should be removed or redone at the time.

The advantage of keratin loops is that it is secured by all the methods as the loops are often good and that it is more gentle for your hair.

Although this method is better than the common glue method, it will cause a little wear on your hair as with any type of treatments like staining

Tape Hair

Tape hair is a relatively new technique. The hair is held together by double sided tape as you stuck in your hair.

The advantage of the tape method is that it is fast to attach to the hair and is ideal when testing a hair extension for the first time.

The disadvantage of the tape method is that it lasts about 4 weeks as it often has the ability to slide out of hair faster compared to those other methods.

Clip- on set

With clip on set, you can extend your hair quickly and easily through the small buckles that you attach in your own hair in just a few minutes. With your hair pack, follow different sizes and parts to create as natural results as possible so it blends in with your own. Clip on set can also be called clip-in, clips or clips.

Microrings is a technique where a small tube is pressed and closed with a special tool to attach the extension to your hair. The method is not so time consuming for your hairdresser / hair stylist compared with the keratin method. If a loop slides down, it’s quick to move up.

Disadvantages of micro rings are some that the metallic material may be uncomfortable to the scalp and especially the body’s. Since the metal part is similar to a screw, it may also damage your hair. And since micro rings are easier to slip slightly, it can cause friction when squeezed together, which can damage your hair.

Flip-in hair

Flip-In Hair is the new revolution of hair extensions – This hair extension does not cause any harm to your own hair. Flip-In Hair offers you the fastest and easiest way to change your look in just a few minutes. The invisible thread laid between your hair gives you a hair extension in just a few minutes and is very easy to remove. Flip-In Hair fits excellent to users with short or thinner hair.

Flip-In Hair is made of pure human hair and is of very high quality. Flip-In Hair corresponds to about 125 loops of the keratin method. Flip-In Hair is available in different colors, lengths, structures and models.
You can choose the color that matches your hair here

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