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Clip-On Hair Extensions: Your Step-by-step Guide

Transform your look in a matter of minutes with Hairtastic’s real hair clip-on extensions. Our sets come in seven distinct pieces, letting you add as much volume or length to your natural hair as you like. With approximately 110g of hair, you have the flexibility to insert and remove the extensions yourself – an effortless process that takes mere minutes. Plus, our extensions are versatile enough to be curled, blow-dried, and styled to your liking. Here’s your step-by-step guide to achieving that perfect look.

Choosing Your Perfect Hair Extension Color

For the most natural-looking hair extensions, it’s crucial to match your extension color as closely as possible to your own. With Hairtastic’s extensive color range and handy color chart, finding a perfect match is easier than ever. You can view our full range of colors here. If you’re undecided between two shades, we recommend opting for the lighter one. This tip is applicable to both blondes and brunettes and ensures a more seamless, natural finish. Need more help finding your perfect match? Email our stylists at – they’re ready to assist.

How to Insert Your Hair Extensions

Before you begin, decide where you want to place the different lengths. A standard Hairtastic clip-on set contains seven parts in various sizes to cater to all hair types and styles.

  • Create a horizontal parting from ear to ear, then work your way upwards.
  • Tease the hair along the line where the clips will be attached.
  • For added durability, apply a light mist of hairspray to the teased area.
  • Attach the clips to the teased part, one at a time.
  • Continue this process until all seven parts are securely in place.

For those with particularly thick hair, we recommend purchasing two Hairtastic Clip-On Sets to ensure full coverage and a voluminous finish.