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What is the best hair extension?

Hairtastic is a leader in hair extensions and delivers the highest quality. Our tape-in hair extensions have a long lifespan thanks to our filling process and the lengthy manufacturing time during which the factory carefully selects the finest hair strands, resulting in extensions that maintain their quality through many uses. Our tape-in hair extensions are the choice for those who want a gentle extension.


Which hair extension method is least damaging to the hair?

The method that uses tape is developed to be gentle on your hair. The attachments distribute the weight across many hair strands, which prevents the hair extensions from damaging your hair and prevents them from slipping out.


Which hair extension lasts the longest?

Hairtastic tape-in hair extensions are the choice for those who want a gentle extension that protects your own hair! Our quality lasts through many reapplications.


How long can you wear tape-in hair extensions?

The hair can typically be reapplied 4-7 times as it gradually becomes shorter when the attachments are moved up during reapplication. It is recommended not to go longer than 8 weeks between reapplications to avoid damaging your own hair.


Are tape-in hair extensions good or bad for your hair?

Tape-in extensions from Hairtastic are gentle on the hair and easy to apply. The soft attachments conform to your head shape, allowing the strands to blend seamlessly with your own hair for a natural look. The attachments are so thin and discreet that they are virtually invisible, even in Scandinavian fine and thin hair.


How much does a full tape-in hair extension cost?

The cost for a full set of tape-in hair extensions ranges from approximately 6000 SEK to 8000 SEK.