Before you, as a customer decide to do a hair extension with Hairtastic, follow some advice that is important to consider. It requires a lot of love and care when using hair extension. The lighter your hair is, the more care is required. Be sure to wash your hair before the visit but do not use any oils or products that will make your hair more slippery before your hair extension. Then let the hair extension sit in for 24 hours before washing it for the first time.

Hair products

Be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and a high-quality conditioner. Products to recommend are Hairtastic shampoo/hair repair conditioner specially made for specific hair. Do not use dandruff shampoo or volume shampoo as it may damage your hair. Also, avoid dyeing/bleaching your hair as it can damage the fasteners.

Brush your loose hair

It is recommended to use a brush specially designed for loose hair. This is to avoid accessing the brackets too much. Be sure to braid your hair when you go to bed. This is to avoid tangles and ropes.

Style with heat protection

Hair extension is fun and gives you lots of opportunities to get the length, color effects, and volume. It is also cut and styled to fit your look. If you use heat styling, it is good to use heat protection before.

when removing your hair, we recommend that you come to our salon or a salon with experience of hair extensions. Incorrect removal causes wear on the hair and can damage your hair.

Time to take out your hair extension

when removing your hair, we recommend that you come to our salon or a salon with experience of hair extensions. Incorrect removal causes wear on the hair and can damage your hair.

Reuse of Hair extension

For those who want to have your loose hair for a longer period, a return visit is recommended after 6-8 weeks where you go through the hair and also move up the fasteners if you think it is necessary. Keratin treatment can also be done to rebuild the loose hair and make it soft and shiny.


Use Hairtastic 3-pack hair care products specifically designed for loose hair.

Wait at least 2 days to wash your hair after putting in your hair. This is to allow the brackets to sit securely.

Wash your hair as rarely as possible to avoid unnecessary wear, preferably no more than 1-2 times a week.

Brush your hair only with a custom brush. Start brushing your hair from the bottom up to avoid too much grip and unnecessary strain.

Packing should be used regularly as care. Remember to never apply balm or wrap to the bracket as it becomes greasy and allows the bracket to drop or slip off. When using extensions, you should always avoid products that contain silicones, which can cause hair to become very tangled and result in greatly degraded quality.

Strong sun, heat, bathing in chlorine and saltwater can relax the tape fasteners. The hair will wear out a lot when exposed to such exposure, the hair can be tangled properly by saltwater and chlorine as well as blonde hair may become discolored. Rinse your hair carefully with fresh water after such exposure & use wrapping and leave-in products that protect your hair. Most of all, avoid bathing your hair. We are not responsible for loose hair used in the sun or bath.

All toning, coloring or other chemical treatment on the hair is at your own risk. We do not recommend such treatments on your hair because it has already been treated. We do not replace hair that has been damaged due to. chemical treatments. It should be borne in mind that a hair extension requires more care than regular hair. It is not more advanced but you should spend more time on hair to keep it nice and shiny.

Then you can flat, curl and style your hair as you wish! Use heat protection in the hair when heat styling and be sure to keep the hair dryer 30 cm from the hair so as not to damage the brackets.

Here you will find our hair care products for taking care of your hair extension.