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Maintaining Your Hair Extensions


When opting for Hairtastic’s hair extensions, it’s crucial to follow some essential guidelines to keep your extensions looking fresh. Remember, taking care of hair extensions requires a routine, and the lighter your extensions, the more care they’ll require. Make sure your hair is clean before your appointment, but avoid oily products that could make hair extension attachment tricky. After your extensions are installed, wait for a day before washing your hair.

Nourishing Treatments

To keep your extensions looking their best, use a moisturizing shampoo and high-quality hair mask. Our Hairtastic shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask are developed with hair extensions in mind, ensuring maximum care and longevity. Avoid dandruff or volume-boosting shampoos that might harm your hair, and refrain from dyeing or bleaching your extensions.

Handling Your Extensions

Using a brush designed specifically for hair extensions will ensure the longevity of your extensions, while preventing undue stress on your hair. Braid your hair before sleep to keep it tangle-free and looking great.

Styling Your Extensions

Hair extensions are a fun way to experiment with length, color, and volume. They can be cut and styled to match your aesthetic. If you’re heat styling your extensions, always use a heat protectant.

When it’s time to say goodbye to your extensions, we advise visiting our salon or another with experience in extensions. Removing them incorrectly could lead to unnecessary hair damage.

Reusing Extensions

If you love your extensions and plan to keep them longer, consider a check-up after 6-8 weeks. We can examine the extensions, make any necessary adjustments, and even offer a Keratin treatment to revive your extensions, leaving them soft and shiny.


For tape-on hair extensions, our specially designed Hairtastic 3-pack hair care set is a great option. After getting your new extensions, wait a couple of days before washing your hair to ensure the tapes have properly adhered. Try to limit washing your hair to 1-2 times a week to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the tapes.

When brushing your extensions, start from the ends and work your way up with a special brush for extensions. Avoid applying conditioner or masks near the tapes, as it could cause them to slip. Products containing silicones should also be avoided, as they can cause tangling and reduce the quality of your extensions.

Be aware that exposure to sun, heat, or swimming in chlorinated or salt water can loosen the tapes. Rinse your hair thoroughly after such exposures and apply protective hair masks or leave-in products. We suggest you avoid swimming with extensions. Please note, we cannot take responsibility for hair extensions exposed to sun or water.

Any chemical treatment, such as toning or coloring, is done at your own risk. As your hair extensions are already treated, we don’t recommend any further chemical treatments. A hair extension requires more care than natural hair, but with a little extra time and attention, you can keep your extensions looking fabulous.

Finally, feel free to straighten, curl, and style your extensions as desired! Just remember to use a heat protectant and keep your hairdryer at a safe distance to avoid damaging the tapes.

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