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Nail Hair Supreme –  BEST SELLER!
The hair extension for those who want extra high quality and thick ends. The hair extensions are attached on a U-tip Nail Hair made of keratin (which 90% of your own hair consists of!). The hair extension is completely free of silicones and other surface treatments. It is carefully selected in the factory and is just as thick at the roots as the tops which gives a nice and natural swell. This type of hair is therefore called Double drawn hair.

20 strands in each package. 1 gram per strand.

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Nail Hair Supreme is our most exclusive hair extension – extra carefully selected and extra carefully handled.
Nail Hair Extensions is one of Hairtastic’s absolute best sellers.
Our Nail Hair Loose Hair always contains 100% Genuine real hair and is available in different lengths and colors.
This hair extension method attaches the hair into small, thin keratin U-tips with the help of keratin wax and heat pliers.
A hair extension with Nail Hair is especially suitable for those who want the hair extension to be stuck for an extended period of time.
One of the great benefits of Nail Hair is that the U-tips sit well in place with the help of keratin wax and that it blends naturally into your natural hair because of the thin U-tip that is evenly distributed over your head and your scalp.
The hair called double drawn is thick all the way from the root to the tops.
If you take good care of this you can even reuse after a few months of use.

The Hairtastic Nail Hair extensions keratin U-Tip is applied using a hot fusion connector.
The quality of the hair is cuticle Remy human hair with thick ends which creates volume and natural results.
This U-Tip is partially made of the same naturally occurring protein found in your hair.
The U-tips are bonded close to the roots of the hair, and your Hairtastic accredited stylist will ensure there is enough space to allow free movement of your hair which maintains a natural layered texture and feel to your hair.


This is included: 20 grams of hair divided in to 20 strands. Each strand weighs 1 gram.

Please note: Normally you need 50 strands for thickening and 100 strands for a complete hair extension.
We recommend that you mix colors to achieve a natural look. For more assistance, please visit our salon in central Stockholm, or contact us here. 

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