Step by step - Clip-in - Hairtastic

Step by step – Clip-in

With clip-in hair extensions, real hair from Hairtastic you can quickly and easily get a whole extension or thickening you want in zero time.

The clips, which are divided into 7 parts, attach the hair extensions to your own hair.

The amount of hair is about 110g. You can easily insert and remove the hair yourself, in a few minutes.

Of course, you can curl, blow-dry and style your hair just as you like.

Below is a guide on how to do it.



To achieve a natural look with your hair extension, it is important to find the right hair color. The color should be as close as possible with your natural hair color to blend in with the hair extension and for a natural feel. With our wide range of hair colors and our color map, we are sure that you will find a color that is right for you. Click here to see all of our colors. If you weigh between two different colors on your clip in hair extension then we recommend that you choose the brighter option. This gives you a more natural look and applies whether you are brunette or blonde. It also works well to email: so our stylists will help you, just send a picture of your hair.


How to attach Hair extensions

Start by testing where somewhere on your head you should place the different lengths. A set of clip-in set usually contains 7 parts of varying sizes, all to suit different types of hairstyles.

Do a horizontal section, start from ear to ear and then work your way up.

Tape the hair at the root where the clips are to be fastened.

For better durability, spray with a little hair spray on the tapered part.

Attach the clip to the tapered leg one by one.

Then continue upwards and do the same until all 7 parts are in place.

For extremely thick hair, two packages of Hairtastic Clip-On Set are recommended/