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Hair Extension Management Guide

Hair Extension Management Guide

Before you as a customer decide to make a hair extension at hairtastic , follow some tips that are important to consider. It requires a lot of care and care when using hair straighteners. The lighter your hair, the more nursing is required.

Be sure to wash your hair before your visit, but do not use any oils or products that make your hair slippery before your hair extension. Then let the hairbag sit for 24 hours before washing it for the first time.

Be sure to use moisturising shampoo and high-packing

quality. Products to recommend are hairtastic shampoo / conditioner and packaging that are specially formulated for the correct hair straightener.

Remember to braid your hair when you go to bed. This is to avoid hassles and tears.

Do not use dandruff shampoo or volume shampoo as it may damage your hair. Also avoid dyeing / bleaching of your hair as it may damage the braces.

We recommend using a brush that is specially designed for hair straighteners. This in order to avoid accessing the brackets too much.

When removing your hair, we recommend that you come to our salon. Improper removal causes hair loss and can damage your hair.

For those who are wearing your hair straighteners for a longer period, a visit is recommended after 6-8 weeks where you go through the hair and also move the fasteners if you consider it necessary. Keratin treatment can also be done to rebuild the hair straightener and make it soft and glossy.

You can find our hair management products here

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