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Hair Extension at the salon

Hair Extension at the salon

Are you considering doing a hair extension? Then you have found the right place! Hairtastic is the salon that has the markets best quality among hair extensions! We have multiple reoccurring customers within this area and we are continously recommended to new customers. Our salon is located in Stockholm at Östermalm, not far from the public transport station Karlaplan.

We only work with keratin wax and we only use high quality hair from Hairtastic. Our prices vary depending on volume and length. The shorter and the more loops you choose, the cheaper it will be per loop.

For hair thickening, 50-75 loops is sufficient and for a hair extension, we recommend approximately 100-125 loops depending on the thickness of your own hair, and depending on the end result you wish to achieve.

Hairtastic is a exclusive salon which offer hair extensions in Stockholm. We are located at Östermalm, not far from the public transport station Karlaplan. We offer professional hair extensions performed by hair stylists which only focuses on hair extensions. Book an appointment with Hairtastic, we are the best at hair extensions in Stockholm.

A hair extension which lasts long

We only use hair extensions of very high quality, which means they last about 4-9 months if handled correctly. For professional hair extensions, we only use Hairtastic Nail Hair Supreme, a real indian Remy hair extension which does not entangle as much and lasts long. The result will be a incredibly beautiful and natural hair. Hair extensions can be tanned, but it is not recommended as the durability may be affected. If you want to enjoy a good hair extension for as long as possible, you should avoid tanning and coloring the hair.

Price and booking appointment

The price for a hair extension is 5500 kr for 75 loops, there after 20 kr per loop.
Priset för en hårförlängning är 5500 kr för 75 slingor, därefter 20 kr per slinga. Cutting and styling of the hair extension is included in the price. You can easily and comfortably book an appointment for the hair extension or removal online. You will receive a booking confirmation and reminder through email and SMS.

Do you want to take care of your hair extension in the best way possible? Book an appointment with us for a revisit. We will go through your hair, move loops and clips if necessary. You can also receive advice on how to take care of your hair extension. Price for a revisit is 350 kr.


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Contact us if you have questions regarding hair extensions

Book an appointment for hair extensions in our salon at Östermalm. You can see the times available at our web booking, which makes it easy for you to find a time which suits you. You are of course welcome to contact us if you have questions regarding hair extensions or our services.

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