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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Book Time for Hair Extensions!

Are you considering getting a hair extension? Then you’ve really found the right place! Our salon has the best quality on the market. We have several recurring customers in this area, and are constantly being recommended for new customers.

We work with methods like keratin wax, teapot hair and even clips for those who just want a temporary extension. We use high quality hair from hairtastic. Our prices vary according to quantity and length. The shorter the hair and the more loops you choose to do – the cheaper it will be per loop.

For thickening, 50-75 loops are sufficient and for an extension we recommend about 100-125 loops depending on your own hair thickness and based on what you want for the final result.

General Information

A hair extension can be used for 2 – 6 months and can be re-attached when properly taken care of. At the time of booking we will review the care instructions and our recommendations regarding hair care products. Any kind of hair treatment, of course, causes some wear and tear. We have chosen to work with keratin deposits, which is the most gentle method for your hair. Why just keratin loops? The reason we hairtastic chose to work with this method is because 90% of our hair consists of just keratin. This makes it very easy when taking out a hair extension. The main causes of wear and tear when using hair straighteners are improper insertion / removal of hair hair.

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