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Nail Hair

Hair extensions is something that is becoming more and more popular because it can be used for several reasons. It gives you both longer and thicker hair according to your wishes. The quality of the hair extensions and the hairtastic braces are good in the hair.
The day you decide to take out your hair extension, it’s very easy to remove your extensions.

Hair extensions can be used by everyone and for several reasons. It gives both extra texture and a nice length, just according to your wishes. The nice quality of loops also means that you do not have to worry about unloading.

Nail Hair Extensions are pre-glued loops with keratin at the bottom of the attachment point. You attach them by means of a heat hose, making the loops stay put until the day you decide to remove your loose hair.
Hairtastic has an assortment of different methods of extensions with a variety of lengths and colors. All in order to match the hair straightener to your hair and to make your hair extension to the success you want!

Hairtastic Nailhair is keratin loops, which make up 90% of your own hair, which means that the braces on the loose hair are a very gentle method for your hair. All our hair extensions are made of genuine hair straighteners.

You can mix your colors just the way you want. You can choose to make a hair thickening or a hair extension or why not just power laces.

The nailhair method is suitable for those who want a hair extension for a longer period of time. If you want long and full hair for an evening, we recommend clip-on set.

You can find our Hairtastic Nail Hair here

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