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Real Hair Extensions

Real Hair Extensions

With genuine hair extensions, you can easily change your hairstyle and create a new look. It can give you a long as well as a really full hair, be curly or straight and either stay long or taken out that evening. To meet your needs, Hairtastic has therefore developed different hair extension methods that you can easily put at home. Below you will find the method that suits you.

Nail Hair

Category Supreme

Best sellers. Luxurious genuine hair with long life and thick end to the tops. If you take care of this, you can empty. Reuse after a few months of use. 20 loops per package.

Category Classic

Good quality and genuine solder at a good price. Our customers usually wear the hair for about 3-4 months at the right time. 20 loops per package.

Category Basic

Hair extensions for the first time? Perfect if you are above and want to test or know that you do not need it for so long. Very affordable for your hair extension and each package contains 50pcs of loops.

Tape Hair Extensions


tape on


Tape hair extensions can help you get longer and fuller hair in a short period of time. This method of hair extension offers comfort, natural results and is gentle to your hair. With tape-on solder hair you can reuse the hair again with new tape we are properly treated.

Clip on set

Category Supreme

With genuine Ombre & Dip Dye Hair gives you the perfect coloring without sitting for several hours at the hairdresser! Quick and easy, you get a full extension or thickening of the two shades you want, with perfect results. It only takes a few minutes and is just like a regular clip on set, you insert your own hair. The difference between Ombre and Dip Dye is that in Ombre, the peaks of a similar shade of your own medal with Dip Dye are colored against the boldly colorful shades, such as pink, purple, red.

Category Classic

Clip-on set genuine hair extensions contains ready-made hair extension pieces with fixed clips. The hair extensions are available in packs of one, three or seven pieces in several grades and lengths.

Category Basic

Clip on set Basic Nail Hair consists of genuine hair extensions. The hair extensions is available in packs of one, three or seven pieces in several grades and lengths.

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