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Hair Extensions

Are you considering getting hair extensions? Then you have found the right place! Our salon has the best hair extension quality on the market. We have multiple reoccuring custom
Funderar du på att göra en hårförlängning? Då har du verkligen hittat rätt! Vi är den salong som har marknadens bästa kvalite på löshår.
We have several recurring customers in this area, and are constantly being recommended for new customers.

We work with methods such as keratin wax, tape hair extensions and even clips for you who want a temporary hair extension. We use high quality hair from Hairtastic. Our prices vary depending on the volume and the length. The shorter hair and the more loops you decide on – the cheaper it will be per loop.

50 – 75 loops is enough for a hair tickening, and for a hair extension we recommend about 100 – 125 loops depending on your own hair thickness and depending on what end result you wish to achieve.

Our salon is in Stockholm, located on Östermalm, not far from the public transport station Karlaplan. We offer professional hair extensions performed by hair stylists that only work with hair extensions.

General Information

We only use hair extensions of high quality, which means it will sustain for 4/9 months if handed correctly. For professional hair extensions we only use Hairtastic Nail Hair Supreme, a genuine Indian Remy hair hair that does not bother and lasts a long time. The result is a incredibly beautiful and natural hair. When the hair starts to grow and when the keratin braces start to move downwards, you don’t need to buy new loops. We can just reattach the keratin braces. The hair extension can be tanned, but it is not recommended as the durability may be affected. If you want to enjoy a good hair extension for as long as possible, you should avoid coloring or toning your hair.

Contact us if you have questions regarding hair extensions

Book a time for hair extensions in our salon at Östermalm. You can see which appointments are available at our web booking, which makes it easier to find a time which suits you. You are of course welcome to contact us if you have questions regarding hair extensions or our services.

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Hairtastic / Hår44
Strindbergsgatan 44, 115 31 Stockholm
Tel: 08- 500 82 400
Mobil :072- 318 40 00
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