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Hair Extension Services at Our Salon


Are you contemplating getting hair extensions? If so, you’re in the right place! We’re known for offering the highest quality hair extensions in the market. Our salon continually welcomes returning customers in this area and consistently comes highly recommended to newcomers.

We utilize methods such as keratin wax, tape hair extensions, and even clips for those looking for a temporary lengthening solution. We use high-quality hair from Hairtastic. Our prices vary depending on the volume and length you choose. Opting for shorter hair and more strands will make each strand more cost-effective.

For a thickening effect with Nail Hair, 50-75 strands will suffice, while for a full extension, we recommend about 100-125 strands, depending on the thickness of your natural hair and your desired end result. For tape hair extensions, you’ll need 2 packs for thickening and roughly 4 packs for a full extension.

Our salon is conveniently located in central Östermalm, Stockholm, a short distance from the Karlaplan metro station. We provide professional hair extension services performed by stylists specializing in hair extensions. At Hairtastic salon, you are the focal point, and we do everything to ensure you have a pleasant experience with us.

Book your hair extension appointment at our Östermalm salon. Our online booking system shows available slots, making it easy for you to find a time that suits you best. Of course, you’re always welcome to contact us if you have any questions about hair extensions or our services. We offer Klarna invoice payment options.

General Information

A hair extension can last between 2 to 6 months and can be reattached with the right care. During your appointment, we’ll go through care guidelines and our recommended hair care products. All hair treatments, of course, result in some wear and tear. We’ve chosen to work with Tape/Keratin bonds, which are the gentlest methods for your hair.

Why choose keratin strands? We at Hairtastic opted for this method because 90% of our hair is composed of keratin. This makes the removal of hair extensions a breeze. The primary causes of wear when using hair extensions are incorrect application and removal.

Why opt for Tape Hair? Tape extensions don’t limit your natural hair. You don’t need to use glue or purchase extra heat tools. Instead, you easily attach the hair with specially designed tape. Plus, you can achieve a full extension in under an hour. Of course, the lifespan of your hair extensions largely depends on how well you care for them and how quickly your natural hair grows.

You’re welcome to book an appointment through our online booking system.